Bryke Construction Believes in an Educated Client so we provide a glossary of but a few of the terms you will encounter in a  common construction project.

  • BluePrint - The drawn plans of a construction project showing the specific dimensions and positions of various elements of s project. These are usually prepared by a draftsperson or Architect

  • Building Permits - A Legal document obtained form the municipal authority you reside in that allows you to commence a construction project. This is a requirement for most construction projects and is your safeguard a project is inspected by and complies with local regulations and by-laws.

  • Contract - A legal document used to lay out what is expected of the contractor and of yourself. It will layout the work to be preformed and by who as well as any cost involved and when payments are due. This will allow you to maintain control of the project and spells out clearly who is responsible for what.

  • Red Seal Certified - A regulatory program of training standards managed by the Canadian government See more details

  • Sub Trades - Additional contractors used to complete elements of the construction project that handle specialties or regulated area's of work. 
    the list of such contractors includes Electricians, Plumbers, Landscapers, Roofers, Kitchen Counter suppliers and many more