Bryke Construction Ltd. was founded on some clear principles and beliefs that we stand behind. We understand clearly that our reputation and success lies in the hands of our Satisfied customers. We treat every job as important and use only the best possible products from reputable vendors that stand behind their products just as we do behind our work.we feel with this belief our Customers will refer us to others and this approach has proven successful as most work does come from referrals of past customers.

We believe in providing the following to every client :

Clean Work Site: Were Know for Cleaning our Work Site during and after the job. We've heard from Customers of others just how disruptive a project can be within your home. We strive to minimize the daily effect of our work on your day to day life. As family men ourself we will assit  you to maintain your lifestyle with as little disruption as possible.

  Prompt Appointments: We understand your time is valuable, We make and keep Scheduled Appointment.  There is no worse disappoint than expecting a contractor to arrive and provide a service and their no show. We stay connected to our Customers though use of our mobile phones, website and personal contact. We plan your project with you and as Family men ourselves we understand fitting into your Family schedule is important and strive to meet those needs wherever possible.

  Insured Service: Bryke strives to adhere to and follow all safety codes and best practices yet accidents do occasionally occur. Bryke maintains adequate insurance to cover our part should anything occur.

  Bondable:  Bryke is fully bondable and maintains a working relationship with an national insurance company for bonding purposes should the need arise on your project.

  Quality Products: We use Quality Components from Reputable vendors who stand behind their product. We are always looking for the best components to use in our work, from doors and windows to the lumber we use we only use reputable companies that stand behind the products they provide. We will always use the best possible components that fit within you budget and provide advice as to which product's is the best for you application.

Support After the Job: We stand behind our Work and are here to assist long after the job is complete. Even when the work is done we will always work with you on any point that arises. Products do fail and we understand frustration when this occurs we will work with you and the vendor to resolve these.

Licenced: Bryke Maintains all provincial licences as required. Our Principles Bryan and Mike are fully certified Journeymen carpenters and are Red Seal approved. We follow all best practice guidelines of our Trade and insure all staff we employ do as well.

Detailed Proposal: We believe when we consult on a project that you should receive  a written proposal which details the project plans what is expected and payment schedules are clearly laid out to avoid confusion,